Big Orbit helps Kraft Canada quench kids' thirst and uncover the true meaning of being kool!

Toronto, ON - June 13, 2009 - Big Orbit announced the launch of a cool new youth Web site for Kraft Canada's popular summer KOOL-AID drink.

"We wanted to capture the imagination of kids ages 8-12 and we knew we had to be an online standout to get their attention," said Najeeb Hasany, Product Manager for the KOOL-AID brand. "Big Orbit's idea to canvas kids across Canada on what they think is "cool" struck us as a perfect way to keep kids excited about KOOL-AID. The idea links our brand to the topics and themes that kids find compelling."

The web site surveys kids' opinions on everything from pets to pop culture. The goal is to keep it fun and inspire kids to reflect on what "cool" means to them. The site also features an interactive music-maker that encourages kids to get creative and challenge each other to experiment with traditional and new musical beats.

"The site design is fun and playful and the opportunity to earn points and prizes for interacting on the site will keep kids coming back for more. The chance to see what other kids your age think is cool is another powerful draw to return to the site," said Hasany.

"Taking KOOL-AID into the digital domain was exciting for us - from shaping the creative strategy to incorporating Kraft's community outreach through other KOOL-AID events," said Sean Bittle, Big Orbit's Managing Director. "KOOL-AID represents a fun image to begin with so we built on that and gave the popular KOOL-AID Man the KOOL-TRAX music composer to spark kids' passion for hands-on fun while allowing them to have their say through the BeKool Poll."

Kraft Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of Kraft Foods North America, Inc. of Northfield, Illinois and one of Canada's leading marketers of food products and services with such well known brands as KRAFT DINNER Macaroni and Cheese, JELL-O desserts, OSCAR MAYER LUNCHABLES Lunch Combinations, DELISSIO Rising Crust Pizza and many others.

Founded in 1991, Big Orbit is one of North America's leading youth content developers. The company's dedication to creating cutting-edge, youth-specific products makes it one of the most comprehensive media producers in Canada.

To find out more about how Big Orbit "turns the digital universe into child's play" visit the company website at or call Sean Bittle, CEO, at (416) 516-0705 ext.229.

For more information on KOOL-AID and visit or call 1-800-567-KRAFT.