Big Orbit brings life to "TV&ME"

Toronto, ON - April 1, 2010 - Big Orbit, one of Canada's leading children's creative consultancies, announced the launch of the new educational and entertaining "TV&ME" website and CDROM for Concerned Children's Advertisers and their partner Corus Entertainment.

"TV&ME" is a unique, child-centred program, created to spark discussions about real life and television in the classrooms and homes of Canadian children and their families. The program is the creation of Concerned Children's Advertisers, a non-profit organization comprising Canada's leading children's advertisers, broadcasters and advertising agencies. Its mandate is to generate a focused and collective approach to addressing media and social issues that affect children in Canada today.

Big Orbit expanded the existing print version of "TV&ME" into a media-rich, user-friendly website and CDROM that will grow as more resources are created. Critical target audiences for the program are parents and teachers who will easily be able to access, view and download these tailor-made lesson plans and resource materials as well as videos of the Concerned Children's Advertisers TV commercials.

"Big Orbit moved this program off the printed page and brought it to life," says Cathy Loblaw, President and C.O.O. of Concerned Children's Advertisers. "The new interactivity and the program's ability to continue expanding will undoubtedly help us reach more families, more teachers and certainly more Canadian kids."

"Concerned Children's Advertisers is a perfect partner for Big Orbit," says Sean Bittle, CEO of Big Orbit. "Both organizations care a great deal about kids, their families and their view of the world - a view which in large part is created by the media. Helping Concerned Children's Advertisers to increase their reach was not only important, it was serious fun."

About Big Orbit
Founded in 1991, Big Orbit is a youth-focused marketing and creative consultancy that provides Strategic Consulting, Creative, Research and Implementation services. Relying heavily on guidance provided by our proprietary youth-powered research engine, Reactorz, our turnkey solutions integrate marketing channels and optimize marketing dollars while delivering innovative and creative solutions to our clients. Big Orbit's portfolio includes work for organizations such as Kraft Canada, Canadian Space Agency, Okee Dokee Stickers, UNICEF Canada, TVO and The Children's Group.

About Concerned Children's Advertisers
Concerned Children's Advertisers was founded in 1990 by a group of Canadian companies who responsibly market and advertise products and services to children and their families. It is a non-profit organization made up of 24 Canadian member companies and supported by over 40 partner companies. Its mandate centres on using the shared resources of each member company to effectively combine marketing to children with the social responsibility of caring for children.