Big Orbit Redesigns The Edge/Contact avenir Online

Toronto, ON - November 18 , 2010 - Big Orbit announced today the launch of a redesigned website for The Edge and Contact avenir magazines, the annual career magazines for youth published by the Canadian Career Development Foundation and The National Life/Work Centre. The magazines provide targeted and credible career information for teens and engage the support of parents, schools, youth-serving agencies and employers.

"We're thrilled with the new look to the site. It feels fresh and up to date." said Donnalee Bell, Consultant with the Canadian Career Development Foundation, "And the Content Management System that was built by Big Orbit will allow us to really expand the reach and depth of the magazine over time."

Youth will find a world of career building information on and websites. Content on the site expands from the articles found in the magazine. There's interactive quizzes, links to more resources, role model stories and sector and labour market information, all to help plan the next steps of their career journeys. Separate areas for employers, parents and those working with youth help support the adults to support the teens.

"The challenge for us was to make it easy for the audience to find the wealth of information on The Edge and Contact avenir websites without being overwhelmed." said Kelly Lynne Ashton, Senior Producer at Big Orbit. "We streamlined the navigation and colour coded the site. That also will make it easier for the editorial team to manage the content on an ongoing basis."

About Big Orbit
Founded in 1991, Big Orbit is a creative design studio dedicated to exploring planet youth. Big Orbit works with organizations that are passionate about using compelling creative work to effectively communicate with kids age 7 through 22. Big Orbit relies heavily on guidance provided by its proprietary youth-powered research engine, Reactorz, to shift the treatment of youth from consumers to co-developers of the products and services that touch their lives daily and to provide that insight to clients. Big Orbit's portfolio includes work for organizations such as Kraft Canada, Canadian Space Agency, Okee Dokee Stickers, UNICEF Canada, TV Ontario and Atomic Energy Canada Limited.

About the Canadian Career Development Foundation
The Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF) is a charitable foundation committed to advancing the understanding and practice of career development. Established in 1979, CCDF actively works on projects that strengthen and support the career development profession as well as improve access for Canadians to quality career services.

About the National Life/Work Centre
The mission of NLWC, a not-for-profit corporation, is to bring world-class life/work development programs to the widest possible audiences at affordable prices through innovative partnerships with prominent public and private sector agencies across Canada and internationally. The objective is to help people of all ages become self-reliant, make informed choices and find satisfying and fulfilling work and lifestyles in today's rapidly changing labour markets.