Global TV airs Reactorz Research Insight

Toronto, ON - March 11, 2011 - Reactorz Research offered Global Television an insider's perspective on teen culture in a recent interview. "MoneyWise" reporter Laura Zilke interviewed Reactorz Research Director Kelly Lynne Ashton on the characteristics of today's teens, why they are popular with marketers and how they perceive themselves. Ms. Ashton shared with Global viewers the thoughts and opinions of Reactorz teen members on Avril Lavigne, skateboarding, breakdancing and other hot trends marketers use to get teens' attention.

The segment will air on "MoneyWise" Thursday March 13, 2011 at 12:30pm and again that day on Prime at 11:00pm.

"MoneyWise" focuses on distilling information that pertains to the financial health of average Canadian viewers. The program is a hybrid structure of financial and consumer information. Laura Zokey covers lifestyle issues for the weekly television program.

Reactorz, a division of Big Orbit, is the only youth-powered research engine that can put you in touch with young people from the ages of 7 to 22 within days. Through the Reactorz ongoing community website, wireless polling and more traditional research methods (eg. phone interviews, focus groups and paper-based surveys) we help you find out what kids and young people are thinking, feeling and talking about. Reactorz is the tool that will keep you in touch with this constantly changing demographic.

How does Reactorz work? Kids are invited to participate as co-developers in research projects in which they can earn points for their participation that can be redeemed for cash. Kids have fun, are empowered by their involvement and get extra spending money.

About Big Orbit Founded in 1991, Big Orbit is a youth-focused marketing and creative consultancy that provides Strategic Consulting, Creative, Research and Implementation services. Big Orbit relies heavily on guidance provided by our proprietary youth-powered research engine, Reactorz, to shift the treatment of youth from consumers to co-developers of the products and services that touch their lives daily and to provide that insight to clients. Big Orbit's portfolio includes work for organizations such as Kraft Canada, Canadian Space Agency, Okee Dokee Stickers, UNICEF Canada, TVO and Concerned Children's Advertisers.

Reactorz is produced with the financial participation of Telefilm Canada, Administrator of The Canada New Media Fund funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage and with the support of the Owl Children's Trust Inc.