Game Design

Alice in Cyberspace

Idea Incubation

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Alice in Cyberspace

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was considering the development of a convergent (radio and internet) episodic adaptation of the classic Lewis Carroll tales "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass." The challenge was adapting a classic linear story line and characters to the current online entertainment preferences of kids aged 7 - 13.

"Alice in Cyberland" ReactorzTM, Big Orbit's youth advisory community was utilized extensively to conduct primary research for the project. Of particular note was the use of iterative on-line "idea generation" dialogue using facilitated synchronous chat sessions. The "Alice" advisory team was invited discuss:

  • Engaging examples of interactive storytelling on the Web.
  • Ideas to link the radio drama to the web version in a meaningful, entertaining manner.
  • Ways to allow players to "explore" the story and learn more about the tale.

    An award-winning radio and on-line entertainment property.

    Support services provided:
  • Creative and implementation services