Game Design

Transform Your World With Magic

Kraft Canada, Brand: Kool-Aid

Brand/Property: 2002

Develop an on-line site and supporting game to support the overall promotional theme for 2002 for a classic children's brand.

In collaboration with Capital C Communications, Big Orbit was invited by Kraft Canada to create and implement the 2002 website to augment and extend the Kool-Aid "Transform your World" promotional campaign. Big Orbit designed and developed the "Transform Your World" game. The episodic nature of the game challenged users over the summer to solve 8 puzzles, that if correctly solved would transform their virtual home (from the ordinary to the extraordinary) and more importantly provide the "no purchase entry" opportunity to qualify for each of the two $10,000 sweepstakes.

Promotional results are secret but we can tell you that Big Orbit was invited back to work on the Kool-Aid 2003 promotional campaign.

Support services provided:
  • Game Design
  • Web Development and Programming
  • Copywriting