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Canadian Bankers Association

The Spirit Lives / Planning for Success

How to enhance entrepreneurial education in Canada. Canadian banks recognize that small businesses are the engine of our economy. Through the Canadian Bankers Association they wanted to nurture the growth of youth entrepreneurship in Canada using the most appropriate communication and educational mediums.

Planning For Success (PFS). PFS is an interactive, integrated (i.e. print, video and multimedia) educational initiative that introduces the essentials of small business planning to students ages 12 through 17. Within the framework of an integrated curriculum, content themes included: opportunity spotting, idea generation, business plan preparation and the skills and characteristics of entrepreneurs. Lang & Ackroyd Productions produced PFS in cooperation with Total Video Communications, the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education and Big Orbit Inc.

Planning For Success has been nationally approved and utilized throughout the country and remains the premier integrated small business educational aid. Impressed by the commercial success of Planning for Success CD-ROM, Aboriginal Business Canada (ABC), through Lang & Ackroyd Productions, contracted Big Orbit to redesign the original product (now called "The Spirit Lives") and extend the curriculum for a native audience.

Support services provided:
  • Research (survey and focus group testing) to support content, creative work
  • Content development
  • Implementation (CD-ROM and Internet)