Websites for Tweens

CBC4Kids (original version)

Branding and Identity

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)


The CBC wanted to reach and entertain children ages 8-14 that were typically not tuned in to their traditional programming.

Design and develop an online national "tween" brand, portal and community.

Outcome:! Powerful, interactive and informative receives approximately 100,000 hits a week from curious "tweens" all over Canada and around the world. CBC4kids is proud to be one of the predominant kids' sites in Canada! It has been the winner of numerous national and international awards. So successful has been the brand that it has now been extended into TV occupying its own TV time block.

Support services provided:
  • Research and definition
  • Strategic planning
  • Identity, Logo and Naming development
  • Web site design and production
  • Community facilitation and moderation